The client pledges to use the present service according to the existing laws and regulations that are applied to it, as well as the terms and conditions stated here;

Warrior reserves the right to completely or partially change the terms and conditions stated here at any point in time;
The client may not change the content of the Service or send messages that contain computer viruses or that may provoke any other damages.


Only the products that are properly identified in the catalogs may be acquired through our online store.
If a product is not available through the online store, it does not mean that it is no longer sold by Warrior and may only be available via other distribution channels.


The prices in the online store are exempt of value-added tax (VAT) under the article 53;
In that case, if the client is located in Portugal, there will be no VAT charge;
Shipping costs are to be added to the price displayed in the online store;
Any other costs that result from the shipping of packages overseas, namely customs charges, will be the responsibility of the client.


The purchase of any product present in the available catalog is done by placing it in the shopping basket;
Some products may have a limited edition status. This means that there will be a limited number of these products available. These products will be properly identified in the catalog.
The customer may cancel the order by email in the first 24 hours after Warrior has received confirmation of the purchase;
An order will only be canceled if the canceling customer provides the order number and name on the cancellation email;
If the customer wishes to return a purchased item according to any of the approved rules, Warrior will fully reimburse the client, except for the shipping costs. These will be the responsibility of the client;
Warrior will cover shipping costs in a return or exchange request when the item is either damaged or there has been a mistake in order that resulted in the client receiving a wrong order;
Warrior reserves the right to cancel any order that deems unable to verify or process.


The products may be paid through the different payment methods available.
Warrior will hold an order for 24 hours until the payment has been confirmed. If the payment is not confirmed within 24 hours, the order may be canceled;
If the customer has a voucher, it can be used in the online store according to the following rules;
One or more vouchers can be used in the same order as long as the total value of the purchase is superior to that of the combined vouchers.

How is the credit card payment processed?

After the credit card option has been selected and the customer has clicked “Proceed to Payment”, he/she will be redirected to the Redunicre page, where the respective credit card information should be filled in, namely the card number, validation date and security code, and click “I validate my payment”.

If the payment is refused, there will be an error message on your shopping cart page. In these situations, we suggest that the client tries again and, if the problem persists, please contact your bank service for additional information.

Once the payment has been made, the amount will be charged from the bank account associated with the credit card used. If for any reason, we need to totally or partially cancel the order, we will proceed with the respective reimbursement within the following 5 business days. The transaction will appear on the bank statement of the client after 2 business days.

In order to protect our clients from potential fraud, we may, eventually, request additional information in order to confirm the payment. If we do not obtain a written response in the following 3 business days we will proceed to the cancellation and reimbursement of the respective order.

Warning: all payments are made in euros, even when the prices are displayed in different currencies. Some banks may apply an exchange rate. This matter is not the responsibility of Warrior.


Paypal payment is one of the most secure payment methods used worldwide. For more information regarding this method of payment, please visit

Cash on Delivery (COD).

By choosing Cash on Delivery, the customer will make the payment when the order is collected from the post-office.

Orders placed under this payment method are limited to a maximum value of 250 €.

Depending on the postal service, payment may be made by debit card or in cash. In the cases where the customer chooses to pay in cash, the exact amount should be made available, since the post-delivery service is not obliged to carry change and the client may lose the difference in order to keep the package.

Warrior holds the right to cancel any COD order if the client has failed to pay any orders previously sent via this method of payment.

In these cases, the client may use other payment methods available, such as credit card, PayPal, Bank Reference or Bank Transfer.

This method is only available in Portugal (with the exception of the islands).

Warning: if the client chooses the order to be sent via CTT, the payment will have additional shipping costs.


In Portugal (with the exception of the islands), all packages are usually delivered within 3 business days after the payment has been verified.
In the autonomous regions, depending on the islands, delivery times may vary between 3 and 8 business days.
Deliveries in Europe and the rest of the World may vary according to destination and transportation times.
If there is a stock shortage the client will be informed.
If the shipping method selected is not registered, Warrior will not be responsible for any errors, damages or missing orders.


Travessa bairro costa n°10 2860-493 Moita-Setubal-Portugal Nuno Miguel de Carvalho Fernandes

The delivery of the products purchased in this service respects the applicable legal norms in Portugal regarding e-commerce (Decree nº 82/2008 of 20 of May);

The customer/user has the right to complain about any defect, miscorrection or inadequacy of the product that was ordered within the normal legally established timing of 15 days.

Warrior is not responsible for the cost of shipping and returns, if applicable, of all orders returned for multiple delivery attempts, insufficient address or refusal. In the cases of exchange of size, the new shipping costs are to be covered by the customer.

Your online order have a 15 day Exchange policy after its delivery as long as the order remains undamaged. 

The packaging of the order must be returned completely, as they were when delivered with all the necessary documents (it can be sent via e-mail to [email protected]) a long with the price tag (it cannot be removed for changes). The product must have not been used, otherwise, the exchange order will be cancelled and the original order will be returned to the customer. 

The order must be sent to: 

Travessa bairro costa n° 10 2860-493 Moita – Setúbal – Portugal Nuno Miguel de Carvalho Fernandes

Before sending your Exchange order, the costumer must inform WARRIOR via e-mail ([email protected]) with the email subject: Exchange Warrior (or Trocas, depending on the language). Please state the number of the order clearly (available in your original order confirmation e-mail), your name, product name and size.  

Right of return:

According the the law, the costumer has the right to return and obtain a full refund in the 15 days following the delivery of the order, unless the packaging, price tag or original product has been removed or changed. If this happens, the return will be cancelled and the original product will be returned to the costumer. 

The order must be sent to: 

Travessa bairro costa n° 10 2860-493 Moita – Setúbal – Portugal Nuno Miguel de Carvalho Fernandes

Before sending your Exchange order, the costumer must inform WARRIOR via e-mail ([email protected]) with the email subject: Return Warrior (or Devoluções / Devolución, depending on the language). Please state the number of the order clearly (available in your original order confirmation e-mail), your name, product name and size.  Additionally you must sent a prove of your IBAN.

Upon receiving the returned order, WARRIO will immediately issue a full refund for the costumer. 

The payment method used for the original purchase will be used for the refund. If the original payment was made via credit card, the value will be credit in costumer’s account. Otherwise, the payment will be made via bank transfer for the IBAN supplied by the costumer. The refund will be done up to a maximum of 15 days after the product has been returned. 

In the event that the any part of the product is missing, damaged, or has been used, the refund will be cancelled and the product will be returned to the costumer to the initial address used in the original order. 


As soon as the order is placed you have 24 hours to cancel it. If the cancellation is not done within those 24 hours, it won’t be possible to cancel your order. To cancel your order you have to send an email to ([email protected] with the order details and the subject: CANCELLATION.


The individual registration in the online store is done in the “Register” section.
This registration allows for an easier shopping experience by recording the identification of the client, allowing for an immediate recognition of the customer without having to fill in the forms a second time.
The customer may update his/her personal data online every time he or she makes a purchase.
The access is restricted to each user and is guaranteed by a user login and a password that should be altered in the first login.
After registration, all the data will be sent to the costumer’s email in order to allow the customer to remain confidential. Its use or misappropriation is the full responsibility of the user.


Warrior collects customer personal data with the objective to manage the user accounts, invoicing, information according to the authorization expressed for this effect, assuming the compromise of privacy and security in the data processing and management of each user, according to Law n.º 67/98 of 26 of October.
The entire payment process, from the payment method selection to the credit card information, is secured with adequate electronic safety measures.


The Portuguese Law is applied to this agreement; For the resolution of any emerging litigious cases from this contract, the Comarca de Lisboa should be the appointing authority, with the expressed abandonment of any other.